Adding a Mirror To Create More Space

by Meegan on July 30, 2014

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday!  How is your week going?  Are you surviving the Summer heat?  I have been going to the pool everyday.  It has been the ideal way to keep cool and refreshed this week.

In-between dips in the pool, I have been re-organizing and moving things around in our home.  I am constantly moving things to make our home more comfortable and cohesive for a small space.  One way I did that in our living room was by Adding a Mirror To Create More Space.

Adding a Mirror To Create More Space

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Happy Monday!  I am ready for the start of a new week, aren’t you?  Life is slowing down for us just a little after our family reunion.  It always is sad to say good-bye to all the kids and grand kiddos, but, the experience of spending quality time with them is irreplaceable.

I have been busy once again working around our home.  I bought a dresser in May and was finally able to work on it recently.  And, now I am pleased to share my Thrifted Dresser Makeover Using Homemade Chalky Paint.

Thrifted Dresser Makeover Using Homemade Chalky Paint

I started out with this lovely…

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 I have three, yes, 3 of my own dishes that say Summer from the very first bite in honor of National Berry Month! Using Fresh Berries for an Appetizer, Dinner, and Dessert you can make a whole Summer meal.

Driscolls and Rios de Chile

My 3 main ingredients were Rios de Chili Wine, Driscoll’s berries, and Endive lettuce.

  Using Fresh Berries for an Appetizer, Dinner and Dessert

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It’s Friday!  That means it is time for Field Trip Friday with Angie at Postcards on The Ridge.  I have admired Angie’s blog, taste and home for a long time.  She has so much talent to admire, and be influenced from.

I am very happy to have Angie, as I know you will be, too.


Hi! My name is Angie and I blog over at Postcards from the Ridge. I adore Meegan and her blog and I was thrilled when she asked to “visit” me on Field Trip Friday. What a fun idea!

A little about me: I’ve been married to my husband for almost 23 years and we have 2 teenage daughters. We live in a 1964 ranch style house that we’re constantly updating to reflect our style. Welcome to our humble home!

At Postcards from the Ridge, I share favorite paint colors, furniture makeovers, room redos, various tips and tutorials, and occasionally photos from our adventures in travel and outdoor excursions.

When decorating our home, I love to use natural items as well as vintage items. In the fall I like to use mini pumpkins, baby corn, pine cones and other items from nature in our breakfast room hutch and throughout our home. I have a variety of thrifted items and newer items that I blend together, rotating the mix at different seasons of the year. For some of my other fall decorating ideas, go here. To see other ways to use natural items in your decor, go here.

Preserved boxwood topiaries are one of my favorite things and I use them throughout the year all around the house. I don’t think you can have too many of them, do you? I sure hope not! In the entry above, I added some speckled plaster eggs and a glass flower frog for part of our spring decor.

Another thing you’ll find a lot of in our home is unique, vintage items like this section of an old rusted iron gate. It’s been in several rooms of our home and I just love the character that it has. For tips for decorating your mantel for fall, visit this post.

An old wire egg basket makes a nice place to put some decorative items in our entry. In the fall I add pinecones, leaves, seed pods and other fall-ish things.

Since moving into our home in 2006, we’ve had to remodel 2 of our bathrooms. Above is our master bathroom and the vanity we had made from our old dining room buffet. It’s a great way to repurpose a piece of furniture and get a stylish vanity all at the same time. To see how to make a vanity like this, go here.

Our hall bathroom had to be remodeled in 2013 due to a leak. Here’s what it looked like last fall after the remodel was finished. To see more of this space, go here.

And here’s how it looks now. I like to change out the rugs and towels seasonally. It’s an inexpensive way to make a dramatic impact on the way a room looks and feels. I love to accent with turquoise, and shared some ideas on how to use it (or any color) as an accent color here. And do you notice the wall hanging? My rusty iron gate is now in here to stay for a while.

Refurbishing and repurposing old furniture is one of my favorite things to do. This is currently one of our master bedroom nightstands, but used to be a desk! It’s the perfect size and even has a drawer for keeping things out of sight. Go here to see the transformation of this one and its twin.

One of my favorite furniture rehabs is this antique secretary hutch that I rescued from the 1970′s green that had taken it over. To see the before and after photos of this one, go here.

This Union Jack piece is currently in our basement. It came from a thrift shop and got a makeover with paint and new sisal rope knobs. You can see more before and after photos here. And you can see a collection of other pieces that I’ve given a makeover to here.

In our family room, the decor is changed out several times per year, depending on the season. For valentine’s day, I added some long stem roses from Costco, some glittered hearts, and some fun messages made with Scrabble tiles on the mantel. Go here to see the details.

For spring and summer, I added pops of turquoise and other fun colors to the mantel and hearth. Isn’t turquoise a fun color to use? Go here to see other ways I like to use it as an accent color.

Since our home was built in the 1960′s we have lots of paneling. 3 different types, to be exact. I’ve painted most of it, and share my tips here. It’s not near as difficult as you might think.  Above is the paneling in our family room.

And this is our front door. Just kidding!!! We were blessed to be able to take a bucket list trip to Italy in June, and I took tons of photos of beautiful things like this centuries-old door. Don’t you love the patina on it? I do. And I love taking pictures like this one. I’m working on a post of some of my favorite photos from the trip. Be sure to stay tuned so you can see some of the beautiful Italian images I was able to capture.

Hanging out at the lake is another favorite pastime, and a place I love to photograph. The photo above was taken on a summer weekend when the dew was heavy and the rains had been plenty! Go here to see more photos like this.

So that’s a little sampling of what things are like over here in the Ridge. I’d love for you to drop by the blog for a visit. Click here to stop by. Or if you’d like to keep up with the happenings here, I’d be truly honored! Here’s where you can find me:

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 Thanks so much for having me, Meegan! It’s been a fun field trip!




Thank YOU Angie for the field trip of your home, creativity, and insight to design.
Thanks to ALL of you for visiting Field Trip Friday with Angie at Postcards on The Ridge.
Make it a Field Trip Friday!


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Sharing this post at some of these amazing blogs.

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Did you hear??? There is a new blog on the block!  Yep, there sure is.  It is called Kristi’s Paintbrush.  There will be paint projects, DIY tips and ideas a few times a week. You will enjoy Kristi’s new blog, as much as I do.


To celebrate the “Grand Opening” of Kristi’s Paintbrush, we are celebrating with an amazing giveaway.

grand_opening_giveaway (1)

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Baked Alaskan Cod with Spinach and Salsa

by Meegan on July 22, 2014

Happy Tuesday!  Our family weekend with our kids and grand kiddos was this past week/weekend.  It was REALLY fun!  You know how much I LOVE the ocean, so I was VERY happy to be somewhere that I love with those whom I love.  What could be better, right???

I am still visiting our kids and grand kiddos, but I thought you would like this delish recipe of Baked Alaskan Cod with Spinach and Salsa for your Summer recipes.

This is one of the easiest recipes I have ever made and it only has 3 ingredients.  Yep, you read that right THREE ingredients.

Alaskan Cod with Spinach and Salsa


{Baked Alaskan Cod with Spinach and Salsa}

12 oz Alaskan Cod

2 full cups fresh spinach

1 cup fresh salsa

 Using a small (2 TBS) amount of olive oil, grease a 7″ x 9″ glass dish.

Place 2 cups of spinach in the bottom of the baking dish.

Put (fresh or thawed) Alaskan Cod on top of the spinach.

Pour 1 cup fresh salsa over the fish.

Bake at 350* for 15 minutes or until fish is flaky.

That’s it. I know, it could not be more simple, could it?  You could also wrap the ingredients in foil and cook it on your grill.  (It would definitely keep your house cool that way)

 I like making this dish, not only because it is so simple packed with flavor, BUT because we get our veggies when we eat it, too.  I like to make Brown Jasmine rice to accompany this meal.

Have you ever had Jasmine rice? SO good!  Try it sometime.

Baked Alaskan Cod with Spinach & Salsa

I am so happy you stopped in for my recipe for Baked Alaskan Cod with Spinach and Salsa. Let me know if you try it.  I would love to hear your comments and opinions.

Make it a terrific Tuesday!


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It’s the time of week that makes me so happy.  It’s Field Trip Friday.  Today we have Ann visiting What Meegan Makes.  I am thrilled to have Ann on my blog.  Especially for all of you to see her talent and creativity.  It’s your turn Ann…

Hello! I’m Ann and I write the lifestyle website called On Sutton Place. I’m a reluctant empty nester who got a wild idea a few years ago to start a blog that focused on all the various aspects of my home. The house itself, the garden, the porches, the kitchen and the family that lives there. What started as something to fill the empty hours has turned into a full time job that I love. I am a DIY, self-taught decorator and a firm believer in surrounding yourself with things you love.

Spring Farmhouse Porch | On Sutton Place

When Meegan invited me to visit her readers and tell a bit about myself I wasn’t quite sure what to say. So I’ll just start from the beginning. When I decided to start a blog, I had no idea what I was doing. Deep down I knew I just had to try. I was a magazine junkie and devoured every issue of several different home and garden publications.

About Ann Drake | On  Sutton Place

My sewing skills came in very handy as did my ability to use a paint brush. I wasn’t afraid of hard work and I will be the first to tell you that hard work really does pay off.  For more on that read The Story of Our House.

On Sutton Place | Summer Home Tour

I love a collected-over-time and classic look…but if I really like something that doesn’t quite fit, I do my best to make it work. Even if it isn’t the right style or color. I decorate in layers so it’s easy to change the look of a room by just switching out a layer or two.

On Sutton Place | Summer Home Tour

I especially love being in my kitchen. I am a very basic cook and I enjoy making family dinners. A good place to start to see what comes out of my kitchen is Family Favorites. I also share some basic baking tips that I’ve picked up over the years. The perfect recipe, in my opinion, has no more than 5 or 6 ingredients. Simple is almost always best!

On Sutton Place | Summer Home Tour

Other than my kitchen, my two favorite places to hang out are my yard and my sewing room. We’ll start with the yard. It’s come a long way since we moved in and I recently rounded up my ten best gardening posts on what I’ve learned. Nothing makes me happier than decorating with flowers from my garden.

On Sutton Place | Summer Home Tour

Shortly after I started my blog, I opened an online shop called Sutton Place Designs. I make and sell textile home furnishings from vintage fabrics, ticking and linen. I usually list items in my shop once a month and always let my readers know on my blog and through my social media. I’d love to have any of Meegan’s readers stop over and take a look around.

Sutton Place Designs | Tea Towels

So that’s the story of my blog in a nutshell. I want to thank Meegan for having me and invite you all to stop and visit On Sutton Place anytime!

Summer Porch Decor | On Sutton Place

Ann signature flower nosegay

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 Thanks so much Ann for taking your time to be a guest on Field Trip Field. It means a lot to me.

Okay, did you love Ann as much as I thought you would?? I already know the answer to that.  A resounding YES!

Thanks for visiting my blog today for Field Trip Friday with Ann From On Sutton Place.

Make it a field trip Friday.


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Vintage Mason Jar and Birthday Flowers

by Meegan on July 16, 2014

Happy Wednesday my friends!  I am really happy to be here with you today.  It’s an exciting time for our family. We are having our family reunion this coming weekend.  The plans are filled with food, water, games, family time, food, family pictures, sand, food, and lots of hugs and kisses from the grand babies, oh!  Did I mention food?

I had a wonderful birthday last weekend.  I was spoiled by my hubby, friends and kids. I received these gorgeous flowers as a gift.  I used my floral tips, but once they started wilting, I still want to keep some around.

I like using a Vintage Mason Jar and Birthday Flowers to continue the celebration in our living room.

Vintage Mason Jar and Birthday Flowers

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Christmas In July

by Meegan on July 14, 2014

Happy Monday!!  I have the Monday Blues for Christmas In July.  I know-don’t BOO just yet!  You KNOW Christmas is just 5 months away.  And, I think it’s fun to look at Christmas ideas all year long.  You don’t have to make or think about Christmas yet, BUT you can look, right??? Christmas In July 30+ Gifts, Decor, Recipes, Home Tours and More

I have several ideas from some of my fave blogging friends that are sharing here with me today.  Each will inspire you for your own Christmas creativity.

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Happy Thursday!  It’s nice to be with you on the hot, humid day. It has been hot and rainy most of the week here in Vegas.  Don’t get me wrong-I LOVE the Summer rain. BUT, it does keep me out of the pool with the lightening storms.  Boo!

One good thing about the weather is that I crave fresh veggies and fruit.  What your favorite Summer “go-to” recipe?  Mine is Summer Cole Slaw with Poppy Seed Dressing and Cashews. Yummy!

Cole Slaw with Poppy Seed Dressing & Cashews

This recipe is fresh, crisp, sweet and salty all in one bite.

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