Thrifting Thursday

Hey there!  Welcome to Thrifting Thursday!  I am excited to show you what I found recently while I was out thrifting.  I just love me a good deal, don’t you?  I haven’t been a thrifter for very long, but I have always loved a good deal when I find one.

I started thrifting about 4 years ago.  While finding my style, and creating a new look for our home, I started shopping at local thrift stores.  Things would catch my eye. And for a couple of bucks I could paint it, change it up and make it my own.  That’s how it all began.

Now onto Thrifting Thursday…

Thrifting Thursday

Oh my goodness!  Can you believe this was only $10…

What a bargain, right?  It is very rustic and was probably kept outside.  There isn’t hardly even any vanish left on it.  That will make it easy for me to paint.

Thrifting Thursday

Oh! And look at the pulls.  I will keep those on here for sure.

What color should I paint it?  There is a perfect space in our office for this size end table.  The creative juices are flowing…

Thrifting Thursday

My next purchase was only 5 bucks.  It is a vintage dresser mirror made in the 70s.

Thrifting Thursday

I can see the potential for a mirror like this.  I have BIG plans for my new mirror.

Thrifting Thursday

Mirrors are great for any space large or small.

I am having fun collecting vintage tea saucers and cups.

Thrifting Thursday

This trip was all about the saucers.

Thrifting Thursday

I like the saucers with gold trim and accents.

Thrifting Thursday

And, look at the lovely, creamy green saucer.  I HAD to have it!  There wasn’t a price tag, so the manager gave it to me for 25 cents.  YES!

Thrifting Thursday

The same with the silver pedestal.  Twenty five cents again.  It was my lucky day, that’s for sure.  The silver pedestal is silver plated and a little tarnished, but I love the patina on it.  Perfection.

Thrifting Thursday

Do you shop at thrift stores?  What are some of your favorite stores?  What are your favorite thrift finds?  I would love to hear about them.

Thanks for joining me on Thrifting Thursday.  It was a fun post, wasn’t it???

Be sure to come back tomorrow for Field Trip Friday with Pamela with From My Front Porch To Yours.  I can hardly wait for some inspiration from Pamela.  Don’t miss it…


Make it a Thrifting Thursday.


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    Meegan. Woo hoo, you found some great things. Love the night stand and mirror. Can’t wait to see how you paint or transform. I had no idea you collected teacups n plates. No wonder we get along…lol. have a great weekend, Lisa

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