Simple Mothers Day Craft For Kids

While we had 2 of our grandkids this past week, the kids and I decided to make their Momma a small gift.  This is a simple Mother’s Day Craft for kids.  Super easy and quick.

We wrote all the things they love about their mom on popsicle sticks and placed them in a peat pot tied with a ribbon.

Simple Mother's Day Craft For Kids

Some ideas were:

She tucks me in bed

She sings songs

I love her eyes

My mom takes me to Jack In The Box (so cute)

She is kind to strangers (lol)

She cares for me

I love her hugs

She gives me kisses

She gave me 3 brothers

We play board games together

I let them come up with their own ideas and thoughts.  Those are always the most precious and thoughtful.

After each thought I wrote their own name.  We came up with about 50 altogether.

We then fill our peat pot with all the sticks, tied a bow around it, then added a tag “What we love about MOM”.  That was their idea.  I tried to let the whole experience be what they pictured-not what I pictured.

They were so excited to give it to their Momma as soon as she walked in the door, they were giving it to her.  Don’t you love the enthusiasm of a child?

This is a perfect gift for a grandma, aunt , or anyone meaningful in your life for Mothers Day.  Actually, it is great for any occasion: Fathers Day, Birthday, Graduation, etc…

Super simple and always a treat to know your kids notice the small things you do for them.

Simple Mother's Day Craft For Kids

What ideas will your kids come up with about you?

You can find more Mothers Day Ideas here and here.

I hope you have a beautiful Mothers day filled with those you love!

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