How To Create a Cozy Space

If you know me, I am always changing and rearranging our home. I don’t know if it is a bad habit, I am OCD, OR if I just like to have fun. I prefer to think it is a fun hobby for me. (insert huge smile) No matter the reason, I am on the hunt on How To Create a Cozy Space.

After looking through Pinterest and my blog friend’s ideas, I came up with eight ways on How To Create a Cozy Space.

There are creative ideas to spice up a bedroom, dining room, outdoor living, and much more.

So grab your favorite drink, sit back and enjoy the inspiration.

Oh my! I fell instantly in love with this dining room makeover from The Dedicated House. Everything from the drapes to the wallpaper. It has given me a new perspective on style.

Refresh Restyle moved to a home in Alabama. One of the first things she did was add and style a new outdoor kitchen. Truly cozy, lovely and inviting.

The fresh new look in the home Seeking Lavender Lane is a calm resort at the end of a long day.  The colors, wallpaper and textures are a soft place to land.

Something as simple as Gingham Farmhouse Chairs can add a cozy look in any style home. The black adds a touch of class and tradition, don’t they?

Style Safari created a mini garden with her own painted terracotta pots and crate. Something so simple featured on a balcony or porch can add a cozy space.

Have you ever visited Penny’s Vintage Home? Penny is always busy working on updating and creating her home. This time she made covers for her lounge chairs from vintage sheets! Simple and cozy.

Sometimes just a few Pops of Color in the Living Room can make all the difference. Add a few pieces of fruit for interest and texture. Easy and inexpensive.

If you follow some of the top designers like Nate Berkus, Joanna Gaines or Courtney from French Country Cottage, it is all about layering accessories.  You can layer, mirrors, wreaths, vintage bottles, pillows, anything your sweet heart desires. I always say-If you like it, it works.


Hasn’t this been fun? Not only that. But each one has great tips on How To Create a Cozy Space.

What room are YOU going to work on first? I think my TV room needs it the most. I better get started…

Make it a lovely day.

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